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Those of you who keep up with my blog posts know that I am a big perponant of teaching our children academic language in order to prepare them for school and so they have greater success in specific subjects. Academic language is the vocabulary used in a school setting in particular subject areas. If enrolled in a dual-immersion program, they will consistently use this vocabulary in both languages. Those students who are not in a dual-immersion program should still be exposed to this vocabulary as they will hear and use it in the classroom and other academic settings and we are providing them with the translation of these words (hence building a robust bilingual vocabulary).

My little ones are young. We are practicing letters and numbers in our home "escuelita". As I was helping my older one trace letters I was thinking that I should be using precise words when instructing her on how to write the letters correctly. After some thought I decided on my specific vocabulary and how I would use it when explaining how to write the letters.

The following were the words I wanted to teach/use for this purpose:

I figured, using these words consistently and constantly when practicing her writing, would not only help her understand the steps of writing each letter, but also provide an opportunity to learn and use these words beyond the context of proper letter formation.

I am sharing my verbal cues with you in hopes you can start using them with your kids too. As always, we love to hear how its going and are here to answer questions that may come up along the way.

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