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The Road to Reading & Math

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

As parents, we often times worry when our children don't fit perfectly into their developmental stages or hit their milestones at particular ages. The beauty of growing, is that everyone does it at their own pace and each individual is as unique as the next. Our children are no exception! Of course, asking questions along the way and educating ourselves on how to help our children thrive is key to their overall success.

Academically speaking, most people think of mathematics separate from language and literacy skills. In reality, the two are closely tied. In fact, studies have shown that strong early math skills is a predictor of academic success in all other areas including language and reading. Now imagine, our bilingual little ones are already destined for greatness, so giving them at least two languages to understand math will only provide them more opportunities to succeed.

Below is a road-map of early learning. This is presented in stages, and is geared for parents of children between the ages of 0 and 5. As stated above, every child moves through each stage at a different pace. Some quickly move through one while taking longer in another. Others may show abilities of mastering more than one stage at the same time. This road map is a way to show that math is closely related to reading and how that connection is made.

Stage 1: Objects

-Ability to distinguish between same and different

-Order objects in a line

-Point to the correct object when hearing the name

-Ability to name things quickly & automatically

Stage 2: Colors

-Match by color

-Point to the correct color when hearing the name

-Say the correct color

-Naming colors quickly & automatically

Stage 3: Shapes

-Match shapes

-Point to the correct shape when hearing the name

-Say the name of shapes

-Identify and name the shapes quickly & automatically

Stage 4: Letter Names

-Match and order letters

-Point to the correct letter when hearing the name

-Say the name of the letters

-Identify and name the shapes quickly & automatically

Stage 5: Numbers

-Match numbers

-Point to a number when hearing the name

-Say the numbers

-Identify and name the numbers quickly & automatically

Stage 6: Letter Sounds

-Point to the correct letter when the sound is made

-Say the sounds of the letters

-Identify and say the letter sounds quickly & automatically

Stage 7: Reading

-Recognize words (sight words)

-Read sentences

This road map was adapted from SEEDS Early Literacy.

How to read the map: The map begins at the bottom and follows the trajectory upwards.

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