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Stocking Stuffers Nene Bilingüe Edition

Happy Holidays!

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would always make sure that each member in the family (including pets) had their own stocking up for Christmas. We continue this tradition in our home too. The stocking is the first thing that gets opened, usually after Christmas Eve dinner and before heading to midnight mass. For us, this will be the first year we are introducing small gifts inside our children's stockings. Here I share a few stocking stuffer ideas for your nenes.

Chasing Camilla

Hand-made sarape items galore. Bows, mouse-ears, or T-shirts we love rocking our sarape colors. (Where we get our sarape stockings too)

Fúchila Fresheners

Ok, maybe your nene won't make use of a freshener, but they will enjoy the pins and stickers that match your freshener.

Twisted 4 Sugar

Got a sweet-tooth nene? These unique cotton-candy flavors will have you asking your little one to share with you!

Siempre Viva

There's a doll for everyone! Hand-made and unique rag dolls, even ones the nenes could decorate.


ABC bilingual cards, to games, and T-shirts you can find something fun and educational for those stockings.

Peg Carton

Educational, inclusive, hand-made peg dolls for all ages.


I love giving books. While most may not fit into a stocking, perhaps you can find creative ways to give hints or include these in your holiday gift giving. Here is where I love getting our books from.

The holidays are not just for gift giving. We enjoy this time because its filled with traditions and time with family. The list and links above are all small/growing businesses or independent consultants who have provided a space for our bilingual family to share our interests and foster ways to come together, not just during the holidays but also on ordinary days at home. Enjoy!

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