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Spanish Writing Prompts for Kids

The definition of "bilingual" is up for interpretation. Some individuals only want to be able to communicate in two or more languages while other want to speak, read, and write in these languages. Our children can begin sharing and documenting their stories in Spanish if they so desired. Being able to write in Spanish also allows our bilingual nenes to speak (when they are thinking of what to write) and read (once they have written, they can read it to themselves or to others).

Children come-up with and say the darnest things, so we as parents can help document these ideas. For them its a way to practice the target language, and for us - its a way to make memories by getting them to share their fun thoughts.

Below are 20 writing prompts you and your child can use to help promote their Spanish use.

These prompts are intended for any age. For younger, pre-writers, parents can document what they say and read it to them. They will enjoy drawing a picture to match their story. For early writers, they can practice their writing an phonemic awareness in Spanish while they write. For older children who have a solid grasp of writing in Spanish - they can choose a prompt and use story elements (characters, setting, beginning, middle, end etc) to add details to their multi-page stories. These are also perfect activities for our school-aged children while on academic breaks and holidays.

20 Writing Prompts in Spanish

1. Si pudiera volar a la luna yo

2. Fui al final de un arcoiris y encontré

3. Si tuviera 10 pies de altura, podría

4. Una vez llevé mi osito de peluche a una aventura. Así que nosotros

5. La mejor parte de tener ___ años es

6. Cuando tenga 100 años

7. Cuando sea grande quiero

8. Si pudiera ser cualquier animal, sería un/una

9. El mejore día fue cuando

10. Mi abuelo/a siempre

11. La mejore parte de mi vecindario es

12. Apuesto a que nunca supiese que podía

13. Estaba escavando un agujero y encontré

14. Mi hermana/o me hizo

15. Si tuviera un gran bote, yo

16. La mejore parte de la escuela es

17. Si pudiera vivir bajo el océano yo

18. Si fuera un superhéroe yo

19. Si yo fuera una hormiga pequeña

20. Mi estación del año favorita es___, porque

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