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Podcasts for Bilingual Families

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Find a list of our favorite podcasts for bilingual families and general parenting. Podcasts ( iPod + Broadcast) are free downloadable audio files and are part of a series in a specific subject. Podcasts can be part of your available resources as you embark on your journey of raising bilingual children. Some of us don't have a local established community of fellow bilingual families and sites like Nene Bilingüe, podcasts, and social media accounts and groups can easily help build that community and/or support.

I love listening to podcasts. Something to listen to while I do the dishes or when the kids nap during car rides. I dabble here and there and listen to a variety of podcasts ranging from parenting to social-cultural and teaching to spirituality. To me the best part is being able to learn tidbits while I multitask. Below are a few of the podcasts I enjoy listening pertaining to bilingualism and parenting:

Entre Dos Podcast

Hosted by two bilingual moms who are raising bilingual daughters. They talk about the journey of raising bilingual children through interviews, research, and provide resources and tips for other families in the same journey.

Bilingual Kids Rock

Interviews with experts in the field as well as authors from around the world. They share tips and motivational stories to help other families in their journey.

Super Mamás

Hosted by Bricia and Paulina, two moms and sisters who talk about motherhood. They share personal stories and have tons of episodes featuring experts in a range of fields. This podcast is for all things mom and parenting.

Bilingual Avenue

Hosted by Marianna Du Bosq. She brings to you interviews with experts in the field of bilingualism as well as stories of many families. The podcast introduces tools and strategies to help you in your journey raising bilingual children.

The Bilingual Parenting Podcast

This podcast is new, hosted by Kaila Diaz from Bilingüitos. She shares her encouragement and expertise of her work with language and preschool age children.

Retro Bilingüe

This is a podcast video channel where they share interviews and tips about bilingualism.

Biliteracy Now Podcast

This podcast focuses on bilingual education. Dyana provides tips and ideas on the topic.

Do you have other podcasts you enjoy listing to? Please share! Email us at nenebilingua@gmail.com or share your insight through our social media accounts: Instagram and/or Facebook.

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