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Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Here is an easy craft to make for all our mother figures (mami, abuelas, tías y más). We made a canvas print for each grandmother and great grandmother. These were easy and small enough to ship during the time of "shelter-in-place"

Why We Chose Prints

Reflecting during this time when many of us are away from our families and cannot get together to enjoy a day in-person, I figured that capturing the hand prints were meaningful. These are the little hands that would hold their grandma's hand walking through her garden, or hug great grandma as soon as they saw her. Come next year these same hands will be bigger and overall different. It just fit. Here is how we did it.

1. Trace a Heart on Canvas

We used thin canvas boards for shipping and price convenience. A free-hand heart shape done by the adult or the child using a pencil.

2. Tape Edges

Using masking tape or painters tape, tape the edges leaving the inside of the heart with visible canvas. Be sure to press along the edges of the heart to be sure paint doesn't bleed and you have the shapes edge possible.

3. Paint Hands & Stamp

All the children get to paint and stamp their hands. Its ok to overlap colors. I had each child choose two paint colors each. To save paint I dipped a paint brush directly into the paint jug to paint their hands. You can also pour paint on a plater and have them use it like a stamp pad.

4. Remove Tape

We did not wait for the paint to fully dry as we had a few projects going on a the same time.

5. Sticker Name & Paint

We used sticker letters and stuck our message on the bottom corners. You can stick their names, a personal message, or anything you'd like. I stuck the stickers before painting to create the negative space and show the white canvas when it all dried. We painted over the stickers and around the heart shape to the edge of the canvas. These colors were each different since we used the mom's favorite color.

6. Let Dry

Once all the paint is dry you can carefully remove the stickers to expose the white color as the names or messages. These fit perfectly in flat rate flat envelopes so we were able to ship out the same day we made them.

Feliz Día de las Madres Happy Mother's Day!

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