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Blast off! Visit the planets, learn about the stars and constellations, and explore outer space with Learn Conmigo Box.

Outer space is a popular theme in our home. We have two aspiring astronauts, so anything and everything planets or space ships are a guaranteed hit!

Learn Conmigo Box provides thematic units complete with a book, craft, and activities that are guaranteed to keep your children engaged. They create thematic boxes in both English and Spanish. They are not a subscription service, so you can pick and choose which themes will best interest your young learners.

I wanted to share our experience and learning with their Space Box.

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We love activity boxes that include a book. We use books as a way to introduce activities and the themes in general. We take time to pre-read - talk about the pictures, ask questions, and identify things that intrigue us. The book included in the box was: A Journey Through Space. The book is written in English. I plan to translate and print out the translation on labels to make it a bilingual book. We do this with lots of monolingual books we own.

The first activity the children were interested in was building space ships. The box included material to make one, however we were able to find things around the house to supplement and have both children make their own. The box included crayons to decorate the space ships, so we used a mix of materials to decorate from home and those included in the box.

We also had the chance to make space rocks using baking soda, water, glitter, and we added some food coloring. After making the mixture we let it chill in the freezer and were able to complete the experiment with vinegar. The children loved seeing the rocks sizzle and dissolve!

The book cover doubled as a large solar system map. We used the hand-painting planet wooden chips to talk about each planet as we read about them in the book. We learned the names of the planets in both English and Spanish. This activity was a great way to re-engage with the included book and continue our learning. We also plan to incorporate the planet manipulatives with other sensory activities such as play dough scenes and space themed sensory bins.

The box included constellation cards. We played a matching game while learning facts about a few popular constellations. We also went outside at night to try to find these constellations in the sky. The children really felt like Astronomers. The box also included pipe-cleaners and beads to be able to build some of our favorite consultations. This activity is ideal for older children to do on their own, however younger children can help with stringing beads too. We also counted the beads as we would string them together and practiced our color identification with my youngest once the constellation was built.

Our box and activities lasted a whole month. We re-read the book a few times throughout the month and reused the constellation cards and planets quiet often. I feel that the price is great for all the activities, book, and materials.

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