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La Musica Nos Hace Bailar y Cantar

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

a boy and a girl holding hands with their mother while singing on green pasture

"Hey Google, play Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom!" yells my two year old at our Google Home.

We listen to both English and Spanish music in our home - ranging from Cumbia to 90s Hip-Hop or Regetton to "The Wheels on the Bus." My children have their select favorites in every genre. Music adds fun to our days but most importantly, it helps my children with their language development.

Why is it Important?

According the Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner (1983) musical intelligence is as important as mathematical, linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences. Birth to age six is a critical time when children's minds are rapidly changing and developing. Music and language have similar predictable stages. Exposure to music early-on helps children with their language comprehension and speaking.

Our chosen approach has been speaking mostly Spanish at home. We have found that lots of the English they use and understand comes from our English story times and songs we sing. I remember when my daughter had just turned one - she was able to identify and say all her body parts in Spanish and I wanted to see if she would do the same in English. To my surprise she was able to identify every body part but couldn't produce the language just yet. Listening, singing, and doing the movements to "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes" was what got her to that point! My children have attended Music Together classes since my daughter was 4 months and my son from birth. The songs are mostly in English. I have seen first-hand how music has helped my children develop language skills as well as musical competence.

I want to share a few of our favorite Spanish and Bilingual kid's songs we love to jam-out to whether we are in the car or we're at play. I came across these songs and albums while looking through our local library selection of children's music, attending local bilingual story times, and children's bilingual events/shows.

Our List of Favorites:

CD cover art. Music by Jose Orozco. Diez Deditos Children singing and dancing

1. Jose-Luis Orozco is a local (local to us) bilingual educator, author, and recording artist. We love his music! You can find everything from finger rhymes to traditional songs in his full collection. An added bonus is that lots of his songs will are bilingual or have English and Spanish versions.

Our current favorite CD is Vol. 12 10 Deditos

CD cover of A Bailar . A cat playing the guitar and a mouse drumming. Children's spanish music

2. We enjoy listening to the Whistlefritz collection. We have a selection to choose from as we learn our days of the week, months of the year, numbers, or colors. Two of our favorites are: "Caminemos en el Bosque" and "El Baile de las Manos"

CD cover of Disney Cantar y Jugar. Mickey Mouse playing the maracas. Spanish children's music

3. If your looking for more traditional songs we recommend taking a listen to Disney's Cantar y Jugar. I found grandparents singing along to this CD with the kiddos because they grew up with lots of these songs. Personally, I was not taught these songs as a child. However, they were all easy to learn the more we listened to them.

In addition to the above collections we have our fair share of singles we like to sing and listen to.

1. "Mi Cuerpo" sung by Hot Peas 'n Butter in their album Best of the Bowl

2. "Un Pulpito" sung by Charlotte Diamon in her album Soy una Pizza

3. "English Me, Spanish Me" by Sesame Street

4. "Saco una Manita" in Cantare (Latin American Music for Children)

5. The entire Coco soundtrack Spanish and English!

We'd love to hear your favorite collections, songs, or rhymes. Please share in the comments or contact us directly so we can continue growing our favorites list.

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