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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Being raised speaking both Spanish and Inglés, I always felt there was a time and place for each. Rarely did I mix them, rather it was more of an either-or mentality. The rule was: En la casa se habla español and at school and everywhere else its your choice! This was done to maintain my Spanish (my first language) and be able to speak with my grandparents and family en casa. I did not attend a grade school with a bilingual program, so English was the go-to language there. Spanish became the language for familia, love, and food; while English was reserved for academics and friends.

As I grew older I found myself still using both languages but my rules for their use had become much more lenient. In fact, speaking Spanglish was a common happening in and out of the home. When I began my career as a teacher I made the decision to teach in a school with a high English Language Learner population (primarily Spanish speaking families) so that I can use my language skills for the benefit of the students and the families I would work with. The fact that I was able to communicate with them in either language with ease gave me the confidence to best teach my students and provide their families a comfortable environment.

Now that I have my own children I want them to maintain their mother-tongue to be able to communicate with the world! I want them to use Spanish at home and out on the street, I want them to use English when they see fit, I want them to choose the right words in whatever language to share their feelings and thoughts. I want them to be BILINGÜE.

As a teacher turned stay-at-home mom we have our own escuelita were I do my best to find activities that will best foster their language development and learning. I found that activities in English were easy to come by, but found myself working and planning extra to provide same or similar experiences in Spanish too. I want this site to be a place to share and inspire other parents in their journeys raising bilingual children.

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