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First 5 Promotes Bilingualism

First 5 supports and promotes healthy development of children from prenatal to age five. If you've heard "Talk. Read. Sing." you most likely were at an event sponsored by First 5, watching a commercial promoting First 5, or reading material by First 5. These three suggestions have been proven to enhance your child's learning, communication, and making connections with the world around them in any and all languages. Nene Bilingüe is not part of First 5, but we agree whole heartedly with their mission and goals. Raising bilingual children begins en casa, which is why "Talk. Read. Sing." is essential for bilingual children, especially in the target language.

We enjoy attending community events hosted by First 5 Santa Clara County and have actively participated at our local Family Resource Center attending parenting classes and children's programing for Spanish speaking families.

We recently attended a First 5 Express event at the Morgan Hill Library where they held a family storytime, picture opportunities with Potter the Otter, as well as lot and lots of free resources for families. It was at this event where we picked up the latest Potter the Otter bilingual book, completing our collection (and I'm sure more to come).

Potter the Otter Gets Ready for Kindergarten was our first book from the collection. We attended a Back to School bilingual storytime at our local library where they read this book in Spanish and talked about making the transition into Kinder. This book in particular is trilingual: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (which are the three most spoken languages in our area of the Bay Area).

At the end of the printed book, there are a list of questions with answers regarding schooling, enrollment, and programs in all three languages.

First 5 Santa Clara County in partnership with California Department of Public Health bring Potter the Otter's Market Adventure / La Aventura en el Mercado de Potter the Otter. Going in search of vegetables and fruits with Potter the Otter. This book is bilingual (Spanish/English) with a catchy repeated verse, "Veggies and fruits are fun to eat, so yummy in your tummy - they can't be beat!" The book includes a handy list of seasonal vegetables and fruits broken down by month. A resource that your toddler or preschooler can use to help grocery shop.

Potter, Potter The Healthy Otter / La Nuturia Saludable is in collaboration with the American Heart Association to promote physical activity and wellness among children and families. Join Potter the Otter as he encourages his family and friends to keep an active lifestyle. This book is bilingual (Spanish/English) and provides resources for families regarding physical activity for children ages birth to five years.

Perfect book to share and talk about making choices of what to drink. Potter the Otter a Tale about Water also has a repetitive bilingual verse, "Beban agua para la sed, y ustedes deberían saber que el aqua es saludable, y les ayuda a crecer!" This book begins with suggestions of how to use the book for parents as well as bilingual tracing activities and facts about sugar in popular drinks. This title is made possible by Kaiser Permanente and the Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with First 5 Santa Clara County.

Brushing teeth is part of our daily routines, and First 5 has a book about that and going to the dentist. Potter the Otter Visits the Dentist is a bilingual book (Spanish/English) perfect to prepare your little one for their first dental visit. For this and all other books, you can find a list of activities to help enhance your child's engagement with the stories and with Potter. For free downloads click here.

First 5 California funds programing for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers about the critical role they play in a child's first five years of life. Wherever you live in California, a First 5 County commission is there to help with programs and resources tailored to your family's needs. Potter the Otter books are just one of these resources, promoting healthy lives while focusing on early literacy and language development. All in all, talk - read - sing with your child as these three actions will promote language development and foster a deeper connection among the child and caregiver.

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