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Egg-static for Artistic Science

Before putting away your plastic Easter eggs, be sure to have some fun with them! Here are a couple of ideas before putting away your decorations and reusing these eggs for science experiments and art projects.


Materials Needed:

-Plastic Eggs

-Tray (we used an egg carton and cookie sheets)

-Squeeze Bottle

-Baking Soda

-Food Coloring

Set Up:

1. Open the eggs, place the halves into egg carton slots, and egg carton on a cookie sheet

2. Drop 1-3 drops of food coloring into each egg

3. Add about 1 TBS of backing soda

a. If you want to surprise your children, make sure the food coloring is hidden.

b. Mix the backing soda and food coloring to expose what color "explosion" they will get.

4. Fill the squeeze bottles with vinegar

*We completed our experiment outdoors*

You can always replenish materials as they play.

Language Input:

squirt = echarle un chorro

vinegar = vinagre

bubbles = burbujas

What color do you see? = Qué color ves?

Egg-ed Art

Materials Needed:

-Plastic Easter Eggs

-Washable Paint

-Cardstock or Canvas Boards

-Plates or Plastic Trays

Set Up:

1. Squirt washable paint on a plate or plastic tray

2. Place half eggs onto paint

Allow your children to stamp, mix, spread the paint to create their egg-ed masterpiece.

Language Input:

Mix/Blend = Mezclar

Stamp = Estampar / Sellar

Spread (paint) = Untar

Circle = Circulo

What do you see in your art? = Qué ves en tu arte?

Bilingual Tip: Designate times in your day or activities throughout your day to incorporate your target language. Mondays is breakfast, Tuesdays is art, Wednesdays is outdoor - in doing so, you are exposing your child to a variety of vocabulary.

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