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D de Dinosaurio

It was officially dinosaur week in our home! Our letter of the week was D and D is for dinosaur D de dinosaurio. All our learning activities had something to do with dinosaurs. We are sharing two fun activities we enjoyed doing as a family.

Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs and Dinosaur Fossils were a hit in our home, and I am sure both of these will be a hit in your home too.

Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

A bit of a lab science for everyone! Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs is a take on the common science project of the backing soda volcano. With a bit of food coloring you'll have a blast finding the surprise inside.


-baking soda


-food coloring

-miniature dinosaur figures

-small bowls



-pouring or squirting tools (droppers, scoops, spoons, etc.)



  1. Dilute the food coloring: in small bowls mix a few drops of food coloring with cold water. You can create as many colors as you'd like.

  2. Mix: We used about 1/3 cup of baking soda per egg. The measurement depends on how much or how large you'd like to make the eggs. Slowly add the water (pre-colored) to the bowl of baking soda, mixing along the say. Mix until you have a constancy that is moist, snow-like, and can clump when pressed together.

  3. Mold the eggs: cup your hand, press the mixture tightly. Place a miniature dinosaur figuring in the crater. Take more mixture and pack it on-top forming an egg shape as you go.

  4. Freeze: after making as many eggs as you'd like, freeze them for about 1 hour or more. Ours stayed in the freezer overnight and

Play and Explore:

  1. Tray: place eggs, vinegar bowl, and tools in a tray. We used a tray with higher walls in case of any splashing.

  2. Vinegar: pour vinegar in a small bowl. This allows for easy access for pouring and experimenting.

  3. Tools: use pouring or squirting tools to suck up the vinegar and squirt it onto the eggs.

  4. Watch and Learn: watch and listen to the fizziness as the backing soda mixture dissolves and breaks apart exposing the dinosaurs within the egg.

  5. Color mixing: The more colored eggs you have the more mixing of colors.


  1. Talk about the science behind the fizz. Hydrogen ions react with the sodium and bicarbonate. The mixture create two new chemicals: carbonic acid and sodium acetate which produces the fizzing and bubbles.

  2. Ask open ended questions. Allow for children to describe what they see, what they think is going on, or what interests them.

Dinosaur Fossils



-dinosaur figures


  1. Mold play-dough and press in the dinosaur figures

  2. Watch as the scales, feet, head, horns are imprinted into the play-dough


  1. Describe: take turns describing the fossils you make. Try to match the correct dinosaur with its fossil.

Additional Resources

In addition to these awesome hands-on activities we played with activity books from Usborne Books & More. These are fun and can be done at any time - with little to no prep - at a desk or in the car. The versatility allowed us to take our Dino fun on the road on errands and filling time such as waiting for dinner to be served.

Let us know how your dino activities go.

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