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Día de Reyes: Plate Masks

January 6th is the day to celebrate el Día de Reyes. There are a variety of traditions practiced during this day across Latin America and the United States. As we get ready to celebrate el Día de Reyes we find some time to make a few crafts, read some books, and exchange a few more gifts after Christmas.

Día de Reyes, Epiphany, Three King's Day are some of the ways you will hear this day be referred as. Epiphany commemorates the biblical story of the birth of Jesus Christ where three wise men, Magi - Melchoir, Caspar, and Balthazar - follow a star through the desert to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus and bring him gifts.

The Craft: Reyes Plate Masks

As we made these cute plate masks, we talked about the biblical story found in our children's bible and connected it to the nativity scene we have in our home as part of our yearly Christmas decorations. However, how specific into the biblical story is really up to each family.

Materials Needed:

-Construction paper: black (hair)

-Construction paper: yellow (crown)

-Paper plate: any size (face)

-Pom-Pom: any color (nose)

-Googly eyes: any size (eyes)

- Paint: skin tones (skin)

-Cotton balls: white (beard)

-Pipe cleaner: sparkly gold (crown details)

-Pipe cleaner: red (lips)

-Glue: White school glue worked fine

The Project:

  1. We used the back of our plates because the inner side was printed on. Its up to you which side of the plate you'd like to use. Using the skin-tone paints, paint the entire plate. We chose three different skin-tone paints for each of the wise men. Let it dry a bit.

  2. Squeeze glue on the bottom portion and sides of the plate. This will be in preparation for the beard. Glue the white cotton balls. To make the beard more fluffy you can try pulling the cotton balls apart before gluing.

3. Cut out and glue the hair. We traced the top part of the plate on black construction

paper and simply cut an almond shape. Try creating curly hair or longer hair as you wish.

4. Glue the pom-pom as the nose and googly eyes.

5. Design and cut out a crown using the yellow construction paper. We ended up cutting

out a long strip of crown and measuring it on the head of each wise men to make it fit.

6. Add details: decorate your crown with pipe cleaners and jewels. You can add a mouth

above or inside the beard using a bent pipe cleaner or stickers. Make it your own. Let it

all dry and they are ready to play!

Other ways to celebrate Día de Reyes in your home:

  • Write a letter to the Three Wise Men. Much like the letter children write to Santa, they can also write a letter to the Magi.

  • Read books about the Three Wise Men. Below are a few.

  • January 2019 Bilingüe Book Buddy featured the book: Un Coquí de Borinquén con los Reyes a Belén . Take a peak here for more craft ideas.

Bilingüe Book Buddy Jan. 2019

  • Eat Rosca de Reyes. See who is lucky to get the baby Jesus in their piece of bread.

  • Set out grass or hay for the calls the night before.

  • Set out your shoes for small gifts from the Wise Men.

How will you celebrate el Día de Reyes?

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