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Día de MLK

How are you planning to celebrate and teach your nenes about Martin Luther King Jr. this year? We have gathered a few resources for MLK Day...enjoy!

Brain Pop

We enjoy finding brain pop videos because they are fun, informative, and educational. In addition to watching the video, children can work with vocabulary and comprehension skills using the linked worksheets. Click on the image below for the video.

Read Aloud

With some libraries only functioning at limited capacity, searching for books on YouTube may be the next best thing. We found this read aloud and its in Spanish!

Experiment & Conversation

(Activity geared for ages 4-6, can be adapted for older children)

Lastly, having conversations about equality, equal treatment, and equal rights can be started with this egg experiment. By taking a white and brown egg talk about their outer differences. Talk about the size, texture, color, and any other exterior differences.

Download activity HERE.

Describe estos huevos. ¿Como son? - Describe these eggs. What do you see?

¿Qué ves diferente de estos huevos? - What differences do you see?

¿Qué ves igual de estos huevos? - What similarities do you see?

Using the download, have your child draw each egg in detail, and finish the sentence: "Por afuera se ven diferentes."

Crack the eggs. Have them describe what they see, using similar questions as above. Have your nenes draw the cracked eggs and finish the sentence: "Por dentro se ven iguales. "

Connect this concept to the diversity we see in people. We may look different but at the end of the day we are all human and everyone should be treated, cared for, and respected equally. Connect it with themes they saw in the videos or books.

Finish the statement: "Martin Luther King Jr. quería que todos fueran tratados por igual. "

MLK Day is not a day off, it is a day ON. A perfect opportunity to have difficult conversations, talk about our current state of affairs, and to celebrate diversity. We hope you choose to take-on the opportunity. Happy MLK Day from Nene Bilingüe.

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