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Creating Bilingual Books

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Earlier I had written a blog entry about how we organize our children's home library. I want to share one of the strategies that I've been exploring to continue to build my library as my children grow.

I could go out and only purchase books that are bilingual or I could purchase two versions of each title. These two options either have pit-falls or break the bank. There is a limited number of published books that are printed as bilingual editions. When I come across a title that sparks our interest I tend to purchase these, however if I ONLY purchased bilingual editions then our library selection would be limited. On the other hand, purchasing two versions of the same title solves this issue but gets expensive rather quickly. I am thankful that many of the books on our shelves have been gifts and we have only had to purchase a handful of them.

There IS a solution! I have started to translate our books. I began by choosing titles that are in English and do not have either bilingual or Spanish translated versions. In the past I've been cold-translating while reading which sometimes would lead me to get stuck on words that don't come naturally to me. Now, I've done all the translating before hand and printed my own labels that I later can stick on each page.

You can do this too. Here are the materials you'll need...






1. Using a template for the size of labels you have, go page by page and begin typing out your translations.

2. Once your happy with your translation, print.

3. To save labels and ink, I typed out as many pages as I could on each label. Using scissors cut each line or section to stick to each page.

4. You now have a bilingual book!

From monolingual to bilingual version for any book.

To get you started I want to share my translations to the two books pictured above. Both are board book versions of the these titles. The first is Solar System by Jill McDonald and the second is If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul. These were gifts for our family and the labels were part of our office supplies. The only thing I had to do was dedicate some time to this project and vuala - you can say I just grew our book selection!

Please feel free to download the pdf files, print, and get to reading! The files are to be printed on 2''x4'' shipping labels. Enjoy.

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