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Canticos: Bilingual Children & Music

Music is a great tool and strategy when raising bilingual children. The repetition of words allows children to practice pronunciation as well as learning new vocabulary. The catchy tunes and melody helps children remember the words. Lastly, most songs are like stories, so even comprehension is built into singing.

Part of Nene Bilingüe's mission is to provide bilingual homes with the tools and resources to promote bilingualism while nurturing the parent-child bond. Which is why we are writing this post today.

Have you heard of Canticos? They are Emmy-nominated children's bilingual nursery rhymes. They have beautifully illustrated double sided board books, an interactive app, and many videos highlighting their bilingual nursery rhymes.

Most recently, we have downloaded the Canticos album on Apple Music, allowing us to listen to these songs on the go. My kids know most of the Spanish nurseries and for every song they excitedly repeat, "Otravez. Again, in English!"

Benefits of Nursery Rhymes:

Cognitive Development

-repetition is good for learning brains

-learning how language and grammar works

-patterns promote memorization skills


-language acquisition & speech development

-auditory skills

-practice in discriminated and identifying specific sounds

-word articulation

-singing develops the mouth and tongue muscles


-introduction to stories

-beginning, middle, and end

-detecting phonetic segmentation (parts) of words


-increase vocabulary

-practice language

-introduction to poetry

-introduction of literary devices (alliteration, onomatopoeia, imagery etc.)



-dramatization (when acting out a song or using hand gestures)


-perserve culture

-connection between generations







-coordination (ie london bridge)

-fine motor skills (ie itsey-bitsy-spider)

Social Emotional


-group or partner activities

-provide comfort

So with all of these benefits...

Be sure to give Canticos a listen. Watch Canticos on YouTube. Follow Canticos on Instagram!

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