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Bilingue Book Buddy: Las Aventuras del Sr. Macaw


by Nene Bilingüe

Nene Bilingüe seeks to provide bilingual homes the tools and resources to promote language development while nurturing parent-child interaction. Bilingüe Book Buddy is a monthly publication featuring a bilingual or Spanish book for children and three activities we like to call "Libro-Tivities." Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations. So pick up a book and keep reading!

Book Title: The Adventures of Mr. Macaw / Las Aventuras Del Sr. Macaw

Written by: Leticia Ordaz

About this book: Join brothers Bronx and M as they search for their special kite “Sr. Macaw.” Sr. Macaw is a gift from their grandfather. A kite that comes to life, who cares and protects their village. Everyone knows and loves el Sr. Macaw and you will too.

3.a Taking Flight: Math Activity

Materials Needed: White, Blue, Yellow, and Red Construction Paper, Glue, Black Marker

Talk about the flight of Mr. Macaw and draw different flight patterns (squiggle, zigzag, loops , etc.) Cut small pieces of construction paper. We chose blue, yellow, and red to represent the colored feathers of Mr. Macaw himself. Squirt glue along the line and begin gluing the pieces of paper onto it. We created AB and ABC patterns either by counting each piece glued or by designating each loop or zig zag as a different color of the pattern. See how many patterns you can create to help Mr. Macaw find his way back home.

3.b Beginning Syllables: Literacy

Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Black Marker, Scissors

Have a focus letter for the week? Create letter circles to help manipulate letters and build beginning syllable sounds. Trace and cut out 5 circles of the same color for the vowels (a, e, i, o, and u). Using a different color, trace and cut out circles for consonant letters. Our focus letter was “P” we first searched for the letter after reading each page. We found words like “Papi” “Papalote” “Preocupados” and “Paletas” Then, using the vowel circles pair the consonant letter with each “pa, pe, pi, po, pu” if you can’t find words for each syllable sound in the book come up with your own. Do this with different consonant letters.

3.c El Sr. Macaw: Art Activity

Materials Needed: Construction Paper: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black, Glue, Scissors, String or Ribbon, Whole Puncher

Be like Maxton and Bronx, create your own Sr. Macaw. Take a black construction paper and roll it, gluing the edges together to create a cylinder (the body). Cut Blue, Red, and Yellow paper into strips, fold like accordions, and cut an arch on one end. Unfold the accordion glue the strips (feathers) around the cylinder. After the body has been completed and left drying, cut out wings. Glue the wings onto the body. Using a whole puncher, punch two holes across from each other on the top portion of the body. Thread string or ribbon through the holes, tying a knot to create the pull string. Take your Sr. Macaw outdoors, run while the wind picks it up and watch it fly.

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