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Bilingualism: Early Math Skills

Mathematizing is the practice of introducing early math concepts in everyday experiences through daily routine and interactions. In order to prepare our children for school there are a number of factors that will help them be successful students and learners. A large part is teaching and practicing vocabulary in certain subject areas. We are not only preparing our children to be good students, we are preparing them to be great BILINGUAL students. Regardless if you are choosing Dual Immersion or traditional schooling, it is important to introduce these concepts in the target language.

As an educator, I am a big proponent of academic language. Academic language is the discipline-specific language and vocabulary necessary for students to do and understand their school work and eventually be able to use this vocabulary in academic and professional dialog. Academic vocabulary is important in all languages.

The 4 Areas of Mathematizing:

Number Sense (Sentido de los Números)

This concept includes counting, understanding number relationships, and early operations like addition and subtraction.

Geometry (Sentido del Espacio)

This concept includes properties of objects such as size and positions and relation of objects in time or space.

Measurement (Sentido de Medición)

Ability to identify and measure amounts. Including comparing or ordering the size or amount of particular objects/liquids.

Algebra (Sentido de Seguimiento de Patrones)

Ability to classify, sort, see and complete patterns.

Promoting Early Math Skills & Concepts

Area: Number Sense (Sentido de los Números)

Concepts: Counting, Operations

Skills to Practice:

- Order objects in a line

- Reciting numbers aloud while counting objects

- Identify the first and last object in a set

Area: Geometry (Sentido del Espacio)

Concepts: Shapes, Position, Sequence, Direction

Skills to Practice:

- Recognize, describe, and name simple shapes

- Use of vocabulary to identify the location of specific objects

- Completing puzzles

- Understand and use vocabulary related to time

Area: Measurment (Sentido de Medición)

Concepts: Quantity, Size, Distance, Weight

Skills to Practice:

- Play with solids and liquids

- Talk about size, or line objects by size

- Talk about relative distance

- Talk about weight of an object

Area: Algebra(Sentido de Seguimiento de Patrones)

Concepts: Comparison, Classification, Patterns, Ordering, Grouping, Sorting, Matching

Skills to Practice:

- Identify objects as same or different

- Compare the size of objects

- Match objects that are the same

- Sort objects that have similar attributes

- Identify patterns and complete a pattern

- Identify repletion of words or sounds in books




The above lists and definitions may seem daunting at first, but remember, building a solid routine - using everyday activities and play, will help strengthen our children's confidence as learners in a school setting.

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