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Bilingual Thematic Activities: Seasons Sensory Bottles

Nene Bilingüe has been hosting Spanish Playdates (prior to Covid-19) with a group of friends in our home. Since they have been put on hold for the time being, we thought we could share the ideas with you. These playdates have been named "Nido" to represent the value of learning new languages in the home along with family; just like the chicks living and learning in their nests. I would love to share the songs, activities, crafts, and books we use so that you too can partake in our playdates from the confort of your home. In each post, we will focus on one activity - so expect a few posts for the same theme. Enjoy!

Nido Spanish Playdate: Las Estaciones del Año

The seasons is a science concept. Identifying the seasons and what characterizes each is important for children to know and differentiate. In addition, telling time and the change in time is a math concept and something that is very abstract for younger children. These books, songs and activities will help your bilingual child learn Spanish vocabulary for the seasons and weather.

Los Libros

Bilingual Books

-Días y Días / Days and Days by Ginger Foglesong Guy

Spanish Books

-Toco las Estaciones by Hola Amigo Inc.

-Un Día de Nieve

-Cambia el Tiempo Cambia las Estaciones by Alejandro Algarra

English Books

-Seasons and Weather by Usborne (Lift the Flap)

La Música

-Buenos Dias Amiguitos by Whistefritz & Jorge Anaya

Song we begin all of our Nido Playdates with

-El Arco Iris by Whistlefritz & Jorge Anaya

Perfect for learning the colors and felt board play

-Somos Como las Flores by Charlotte Diamond

Paired with hand gestures

-Que Llueva by José Luis Orozco

A version of a well-known traditional song

-Las Estaciones by José Luis Orozco

Perfect for singing with hand gestures - creating a hand gesture for each season (otoño, primavera, verano, invierno)

Activity: Calm Sensory Bottles

Materials Needed:

-Water (Warm)

-Baby Oil or Glycerine (optional)

-Long Plastic Bottles (4)

-Glitter (White, Silver, Blue, Orange fine and chunky)

-Pom Poms (White, Yellow, Blue)

-Blue Water Beads

-Leaf Sequence

-Cotton Balls

-Label Writer (optional)

Suggested Language Practice:

Estamos en (otoño, invierno, primavera, verano)

-We are in (fall, winter, spring, summer)

El clima es (frio, caliente, cálido, fresco)

-The temperature is (cold, hot, warm, breezy)

Esta (nevando, lloviendo, nublado, soleado, ventoso)

-It's (snowing, raining, cloudy, sunny, windy)

Esta cayendo (nieve, lluvia, hojas)

-The (snow, rain, leaves) are/is falling.

Describe los arboles.

-Describe the trees.

Cómo cambiaron los arboles?

-How did the trees change?

Instructions (Winter, Spring, & Fall):

1. Fill bottles with warm water. If available you can use baby oil or glycerin to help slow the materials. Leave about an inch from the top to allow room for materials.

2. Add materials: pom poms, glitter, or sequence.

3. Close with the top. If you'd like more security, you can use glue to permanently seal the bottle.

4. Give it a few swirls and print out a label for each bottle.

These bottles can be a family project, with children helping pour liquids and materials. The summer bottle is a bit more tricky, which means this may need to be done by older children or adults.

Summer Bottle Special Instructions:

The summer bottle is not meant to be swirled around, instead think of it as a scene in a bottle. It is filled like a bean dip to maintain the layers.

1. Fill 1/4 with warm water.

2. Pour blue water beads to to level of the water. You may need to use a popsicle stick or wooden skewer to adjust materials as you go.

3. Fluff out 1-2 cotton balls (these will represent clouds). Place inside, again adjusting with a stick as needed.

4. Fill 1/4 with warm water. Make sure the cotton balls stay in place.

5. Pour blue water beads to the level of water.

6. Fluff out 1-2 cotton balls to place inside.

7. Fill with water and blue water beads.

8. At the very top, place a large yellow pompom to represent the sun.

9. Seal the bottle and print the label.

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