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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Un Coquí de Borinquén Con los Reyes a Belén


by Nene Bilingüe

Nene Bilingüe seeks to provide bilingual homes the tools and resources to promote language and nurture parent-child interaction. Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Book Title: Un Coquí de Boriquén Con los Reyes a Belén

About the Authors: Lara Mercado and Armando Valdes are parents and this is their first authored book. They also started their own publisher Lilac LLC. They live in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

About the Illustrator: Nívea Ortiz Montañez received her bachelors degree from Pratt Institute in NYC and currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

About this book: Beautifully written story about how a little girl and her coquí help the Three Wise Men on there journey to Bethlehem. They promise to bring gifts to all Puertorican boys and girls no matter where they live. Three Kings Day is celebrated on Jan. 6th by many Latinx families around the world.

3.a A Saltar: Math Kinesthetic Activity

Materials Needed: cupcake paper, marker, colorful paper

Using the colorful paper, fold these using instructions to make jumping paper frogs. Write a number 1-10 (or higher depending on child’s ability) in each cupcake paper-cup. Arrange the cupcake cups around the floor. Have your child make a frog jump until it lands into a cup. Have your child hop as many times as the number inside the cupcake cup tells them to while counting aloud.

3.b El Ciclo de Vida: Science Activity

Materials Needed: egg carton, craft eyes, green construction paper, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap

**It is important to note that the small Coquí is a unique type of tree frog which actually skips the tadpole stage and hatches as a tiny tree frog. Coquí frogs live for about a year. **

Most frogs follow a similar life cycle. Eggs (huevos), tadpole (renacuajo), tadpole with legs or froglet (renacuajo con patas), and adult frogs (rana). To make the eggs, cut a small piece of bubble wrap and make a black mark to show the growing tadpoles. To make a tadpole paint one egg holder green, paste eyes, and paste a green paper tail. To make a froglet paint one egg holder green, paste eyes, paste a green paper tail, and make two frog legs out of pipe cleaners. To make the adult frog paint one egg holder green, paste eyes, and add four legs using pipe cleaners. You can glue these onto a large construction paper and label each stage.

3.c Un Coquí: Art Activity

Materials Needed: construction paper: white, black, red, green, paper plate, green paint, glue, and scissors

Cut the paper plate in half. Paint the underside of the plate green. Let dry. For the eyes cut two large circles of white and two small circles of black. For the legs, trace your hands on green and cut-out two. For the nose, cut out two tiny circles of black. For the mouth cut out a crescent shape of black and long strip of red. Using your finger or a round tool, wrap the red strip to help it coil. Glue the pieces together onto the plate to make your coquí.

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