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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Tengo Un Secreto

I Have a Secret / Tengo un Secreto is a bilingual story about a boy named Yunito. He is learning how to celebrate and be proud of being bilingual. Join his journey of growth, learning, and connection with these fun companion activities.

Nene Bilingüe seeks to provide bilingual homes the tools and resources to promote language development while nurturing parent-child interaction. Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations. So pick up a book and keep reading!

Book Title: I have a Secret! / Tengo un Secreto!

Written by: Maritere Rodríguez Bellas

Illustrated by: Jayri Gómez

About these books: Yunito has a secret. Join his adventure in finding out what a beautiful thing it is to be bilingual.


Bilingual Library: Literacy Activity

Materials Needed: Any monolingual book in your home library

Choose a monolingual book of your choice. Have your child retell the translated story. If your book is originally written in Spanish, have them retell it in English and vice versa. If you’d like to make it more permanent you can translate books together and print the translations to stick onto each page. Vuala - you now have a bilingual book and have added to your bilingual library!

Bilingual Facts / Las Tablas: Math Activity

Materials Needed: Deck of playing cards, 2 players

Take out the following cards from the deck to play: K, Q, J, A, and Jokers - keep only the numbered cards 2-10. Decide what facts you’d like to practice (addition/suma, subtraction/resta, multiplication/multiplicacion). Split the deck evenly between two players. For each round, each player places a card face up. The first to answer the fact wins the two cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Encourage your children to say the fact: “2 times 2 equals 4. / 2 por 2 es iguana a 4. or 5 minus 2 equals 3 / 5 menos 2 es igual a 3.” This helps your child practice academic language in both languages.


Materials Needed: Bilingual Songs

Music is a great resources when it comes to learning and practicing language. Find songs that are bilingual. Listen and sing them together. The rhythm of the music helps children hear certain sounds in language helping them learn new vocabulary and helps them with pronunciation.

Resource Ideas:

Let's Celebrate Being Bilingual Together!

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