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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Proud to be Latino Food/Comida

Nene Bilingüe seeks to provide bilingual homes the tools and resources to promote language while nurturing parent-child interaction. Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations. So pick up a book and keep reading!

Book title. Proud to be Latino Food Comida. Pictures of jalapeño, fish, avocado, cilantro, pan dulce, tomatoes

Book Title: Proud to be Latino: Food/Comida

About the Author: Ashley Marie Mireles was born and raised in the heart of California’s Central Valley, California’s agricultural center.

About this book: A board book that is colorful yet informative. This book teaches children how similar ingredients are used throughout Latin America to make traditional and regional dishes.


3.a Sopa de Fideo: Literacy Activity

Materials Needed: Foam letters, Large Container, Water, Utensils or Plates or Sensory Tools

Perfect sensory and outdoor activity to help your child identify letters and learn the spelling of simple words. Place the foam letters (be sure to include at least 2 of each letter) and the water into a large container. Provide your child with small plates and utensils such as spoons or cups to help them scoop out letters. You can have your child play with the sensory bin as free open play, or give them prompts such as, “Puedes encontrar la tetra ‘L’?” You can sing the alphabet, or sing the song for letter sounds. (Click here) For older children, they can pick out letters to spell their name or sight words.

3.b Contando Maíz: Math Activity

Materials Needed: Construction Paper, Dot Stickers, Dice, Scissors, Marker

Set-up can be done by the parent or the child. Begin by tracing a shape that resembles an elote/corn and another for the cáscara or hoja/husk. You can cut these out or have your child practice their cutting skills. Place dot stickers at random. To play with 1 dice - write #1-6, to play with 2 die addition - write #2-12, to play with 2 die multiplication - write #1-36 at random. Dots can be placed anywhere on the picture, we chose to keep it simple and only stick them on the corn. Have your child roll the dice. They count, add, or multiply the dots. Looking for the matching number, they place a dot sticker over it to cover the number. Do this until all the numbers are covered.

3.c Que Sabor!: Sensory Activity

Materials Needed: Muffin Pan, Variety of Finger Foods

Choose different types of finger foods for your child to taste. Talk about the different taste profiles and give them an example for each. Have them taste other samples and have them describe the taste.

¿A qué sabe?/What does it taste like?

¿Te gusta?/Do you like it?

Salty = Salado (popcorn, sandwich meat, salted nuts)

Sour = Agrio (lime, blueberries, pickle)

Sweet = Dulce (chocolate, strawberry, banana)

Spicy = Picante or Enchiloso (tajin, mustard, garlic)

You can choose different foods depending on what is available in your home.

To download a printable version please click here.

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