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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Los Campesinos / Farmworkers


by Nene Bilingüe

Nene Bilingüe seeks to provide bilingual homes the tools and resources to promote language and nurture parent-child interaction. Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Book Title: Los Campesinos / Farmworkers

About the Author: María L. Villagomez is daughter of Mexican immigrants born in Ventura, CA and raised in Mexico by her grandmother. Currently she is an Academic Administrator at Napa Valley College and has translated many children’s books. This is one of three books she has written so far.

About this book: A story about the hard work of campesinos in the United States. From the fields to the family their dedication is evident even when they are far from their family and friends.


3.a Uva ABCs: Literacy Activity

Materials Needed: Construction paper; Markers; Dot stickers

Set Up: Trace and cut out 2-3 bunches of grapes. Glue onto a large construction paper and decorate the stem and leaves. Using two colors of Dot stickers, write the letters of the alphabet. Stick one set onto the grapes.

Play: Have your child sing the alphabet song as they point to each letter. Stop at the next letter that needs to be matched. Have them find the letter in their sticker set, peel, and stick it on top of the matching letter on the grapes. Continue doing this until all letters have been matched.

Recommended Song: El Abecedario by 123 Andrés

3.b Orchard Counting: Math Activity

Materials Needed: Construction paper; Stickers; Markers; Clothespins

Set Up: Using construction paper cut out 10 fruit shapes. Stick stickers 1-10 on each fruit. Using a marker, write the numbers 1-10 on each clothes pin. Optional: Glue the fruit shapes on a white construction paper to draw the stem and leaves of the fruits.

Play: Set the clips in order. Spread the fruit shapes at random on an even surface. Before beginning, count the clothes pins by pointing as you say their name. Have your child pick up a fruit and count the stickers on it. Important: have your child point at each sticker as they count out loud (you are building 1-1 correspondence). Have them find the clothes pin with the matching number and allow them to pin it onto the fruit. Repeat until all fruit and clothes pins have been matched.

3.c Cosechando Familia: Craft Activity

Materials Needed: Construction paper; Bubble wrap; Washable paint; Markers; Glue

Set Up: Cut out fruit or vegetable shapes out of white construction paper. (We chose apples) Spread washable paint on sheets of bubble wrap.

Play: Have your child take a cut out and place it face down on the paint. When lifted, they will see the circular pattern stamped onto each piece. Let your cut outs dry. Once dried have your child choose cut outs to represent each member of the family. Allow them to draw the stem (tallo) and leaves (hojas) as needed. You can label each cut out based on who they represent.

Download a printable version here!

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