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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Lala y el Charco de la Piedra

Lala Lagartija is back with a story of community and working together. Join Lala and her best friend Ari as they gather their pond friends to help a new neighbor and give them a warm welcome.

Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations. So pick up a book and keep reading!

3.a Count the Characters

Materials Needed: The Book

Set Up:

As you read the book together with you nene stop and talk about he characters on each page.


Count the characters and decide if they are a primary or secondary character. Can they name the characters after reading? What role is the character playing during this part of the story? Can you describe their physical characteristics and their personality traits? How do you know?

Talking about characters in story books allows for greater comprehension and more connection to the storyline or to people they may know in their lives.

3.b Find the Letter

Materials Needed: Popcicle sticks, black marker, book

Set up:

With a black marker write a letter on the end of a popsicle stick. Start reading with your nene.


After reading each page go back and try to look for the letter on the stick. Try to find words that begin with the letter or any word with that sound. If the word is new to your nene, be sure to talk about it and use clues from the text to guess its meaning. Try collecting words by writing them in a special notebook which can come-in handy for writing assignments for older nenes.

3.c Water Art

Materials Needed: Napkins, Black Sharpie, Markers, Book, Water, Plate

Set Up:

Choose a scene from the book. Trace the outline of the character. Open the napkin and color in the outline. Close the napkin. Pour water on a wide flat(er) plate. Plop the napkin into the water and watch the magic appear!


Have your child choose a favorite character or a favorite scene in the story. They can choose to trace or create their own magic based on what they remember from the book.

Be sure to try out the activities, share on social media, and tag us! Purchase the book below:

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