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Bilingüe Book Buddy: Jaguars y Mariposas

Jaguares y Mariposas has beautiful illustrations. These illustrations are inspired by Mexican flora and fauna. The poetic words send a positive message for little girls - a sense of empowerment, beauty, and elegance. The book also includes a glossary of geographic terms and definitions with historical context. In addition it has a parent guide for further learning and self empowerment.

We were honored to have been sent a copy and be able to read it together with my daughter. Such an inspirational book.

Libro-Tivities are academic and fun activities to help families re-engage with bilingual books.

Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations. So pick up a book and keep reading!

*Access to Spanish and English digital copy at the end of this post*

3.a Affirmations

Materials Needed: A voice

Positive affirmations are statements that allow you to think positively about yourself, children benefit from hearing affirmations being told to them and about them. This book is full of positive affirmations.

Start a morning routine by stating 1-5 positive affirmations for the day. Start by taking a few from the book: “Soy ponderosa” “Soy hermosa” then expand it to include:

“Soy important”

“Soy amada”

“Soy amable”

“Soy creativa”

“Soy generosa”

Say them aloud and have your child repeat them. Once it becomes a habit, your child can lead this exercise on their own.

3.b Beauty

Materials Needed: Play dough, mirror

Take a mirror and as you read the book ask your child to describe their skin, hair, eyes and other features they see. Describe the color, texture, and shape. Ask them if their mom, grandmother, or aunt also have similar features.

After reading the book take play dough and together create a play dough self portrait. You can also create butterflies or other imagery that you have enjoyed from the book.

3.c Mariposas: Art Activity

Materials Needed: Cardstock paper, Butterfly template, tempra paint, marble or small ball, deep container (ie. box, tray etc)

Inspired by the vivid colors found in every page of this book, we will be making abstract butterflies.

Print out the butterfly template on cardstock paper.

Cut out the butterflies.

Squirt paint onto a small dish or paint container and place the marble inside. Make sure the marble has paint all around it.

Then, place the butterfly inside the container, plop the marble and finally move the container around so that the marble moves and paints tracks onto the butterfly cut-out.

Let dry and you’ll have colorful abstract butterflies.

To access a full English hand Spanish copy of Jaguares y Mariposas Click Here

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