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Bilingüe Book Buddy: 100% Me

In the midst of Latinx Heritage Month 100% Me / 100% Yo by Duane Carlos Crawford is the perfect books to celebrate just how unique the Latinx experience is in the US. Join Nene Bilingüe in this month's Bilingüe Book Buddy as we celebrate our own uniqueness.

Book Title: 100% Me / 100% Yo

Written by: Duane Carlos Crawford Illustrated by: Jayri Gomez

About this book: Not 50/50, always be 100% you. No matter if your biracial or multiracial, what makes you you is unique. No matter your skin tone: dark, light, or in between YOU is the best tone to be.

3.a Soy 100% Yo: Literacy Activity

Materials Needed: Writing Paper, Skin-tone Paints, Writing Utensils

Squirt a few skin-tone paint shades on a plate. Have your child mix different colors together to make a tone that resembles their own. Using the uniquely mixed shade, have your child paint their hand and stamp it on the writing paper. For younger writers, they can trace using THIS download. For older children, they can stamp and write using THIS download. Older children can write a poem about their unique self in either Spanish or English.

3.b 5 Deditos: Math Activity

Materials Needed: Large White Paper, Skin-tone Paints, Markers

Using different shades of skin-tone paints, have your child paint their hands and stamp them throughout the large paper. After the paint dries, using a dark marker help your child count and write the total number of fingers as they count-on. Practice counting by 5s. For older children, you can also incorporate multiplication problems with the hand prints.

3.c Nuestro Mundo: Art Activity

Materials Needed: Skin-tone Construction Paper, Blue and Green Construction Paper, Markers

Cut a large circle using blue paper. Cut a “land shape” using the green paper. Have your child trace their hands using different skin-tone paper shades. Cut out the hand prints. First glue the world (blue and green) in the center of the paper. Arrange the different hand prints around overlapping the world. Glue the hands around the edge, allowing room for the hands to be lifted up to expose the world underneath.

Download printable version HERE

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