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A Bilingual Family Travels Part 3

Here we share the souvenirs we purchased while out in Mexico City. We brought back a variety of books and activities that would benefit our family's use of Spanish in the home. Remember: when traveling to a country that speaks your family's target language, be sure to pack a large empty suitcase to be able to fit all your new goodies.

Our Book & Activity Souvenirs

Location: Papalote Museo del Niño


Language games: Las Forma & Lotto de Animales

These games are designed for children ages 2-6. I liked that the playing cards and materials were all bilingual. This way, promoting early reading skills in both languages.

Imprenta Mayúscula y Minúscula

Tracing on the go! These fit perfectly in a backpack or an activity that can be kept in the car. Both sets came with a wipe-off marker and an eraser. Not only can children trace lowercase and uppercase letters, they can also practice vocabulary that begins with the same sounds. These are to practice the Spanish alphabet.

Cuéntame una Historia

24 cards (4 stories) for children to use their imagination in creating their own story using the pictures. This is a great activity for ages 3-10 having children practice their spoken vocabulary and telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end. These can also be used to teach elements of a story: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

Sellos 123 & Sellos Caligrafía

Perfect activities for early writers. These stamp sets have children practice counting and writing numbers as well as simple lines that will help with letter formation. Using the Sellos 123 set, we plan to make a book where each page will have a stamped number. The children can stick (such as stickers) or draw sets of the matching number.


Quero a los Animales - short story, practice animal names and sounds

¿Y Mi Sombrero? - minimal words, encourage imagination and speaking

Al Final de la Fila - no words, encourage imagination and speaking

El rabo de Paco - short story with a clear theme

Irupé y Yaguareté - short story with a clear theme

A Lucas Todo le Sale Mal - short story chapter book with a clear theme

Location: Librería A Través del Espejo

Calle Álvaro Obregón 118 Roma Norte CDMX

Classroom books and readers

This bookstore sold mainly used books. They had a small section of children's books and we cam across these two. Children love BIG books. I liked this book because it had a variety of early foundational skills and the kids were excited to open it up and learn. Jugemos a leer is a reader (book with a variety of stories ranging in skill level from K-2) for children to practice and develop their reading.

Location: El Pendulo Cafebrería


Mi Primer Gran Diccionario

This is our first children's dictionary in Spanish. I loved how it was filled with visuals and very eye catching. Perfect for early grades and learning how to use reference materials.


Baila Rimas - short poems, perfect for identifying rhyming words

Mi Papá es un Desastre - funny short story with a beautiful message of unconditional love

Los Atrevidos - longer story, encourages conversations about emotions and feelings

¿Qué Quieren Decir? - funny short story about animals

Mi Cuaderno de Matemáticas

These math activity books are for later years (as our household is currently learning how to count) I felt these were great workbooks that go hand-in-hand with Common Core Standards in the US.

Cuentas y Colores

Math workbooks to practice number recognition, addition, and subtraction with an art component such as dot-to-dots and coloring the page to find the mystery image.

Cuaderno de Trabajo

These workbooks are perfect for ages 3-5. Lots of tracing, counting, writing (letters & words), and shape practice.

Location: Museo Nacional de Antropología


Aztec Calendar Stamp Set

This stamp set allows you to learn about each symbol and how the Aztec calendar works. The booklet gives you a little background and activity.

Aztec Legends & Gods Series

These were great stories about the Aztec Gods and legends. These were written and illustrated with the children in mind. Not to mention, educational for the adults reading them as well.

Location: La Casa Azul

Frida Kahlo Museum

Te Presento a: Frida Coloring Book

This purchase was partially for myself. I enjoyed the coloring pages and the biographical storyline about Frida. Mommy might be coloring this one, but we will read it together.

Location: Gift from Cancún

While our family was in Mexico City, my in-laws were in Cancun. Thinking of our children, they purchased these books at a religious gift shop. These books are part of a series "Virtudes Series" by Aleix Cabrera. Filled with short stories and examples of the virtues and values we can practice in our daily lives.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your travels, please share your travel finds with us too.

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