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50 Affirmations for Kids - Bilingual Edition

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Positive affirmations are statements that allow you to think positively about yourself and help boost your confidence. It is common to think of positive affirmations as something adults do as part of their daily routines. Children could benefit from these too.

Research shows that our personal belief system is learned from a young age. As adults, we internalize experiences based on beliefs and feelings learned from childhood. Negative thought patterns can be pinned to experiences we had as kids. But, so can positive thoughts! As parents we can help our children establish a supportive and positive belief system. These affirmations can be verbal or written. Send a note in their lunch box or place a small note on their night stand.

Most importantly, we need to tie the positive belief with a concrete example so that they can construct their own meaning and internalize the affirmation. Because we are raising bilingual children, these affirmations must also be said and heard in both languages. If you are like me, I find myself using the same descriptors and need time to think of a variety. So, here it is!

How to use it?

I have listed 50 translated affirmations. Sure, you can pick an affirmation and simply say "Liz you are friendly. Liz eres amistosa." However, I encourage you to take it a step further and provide your child with a specific examples of an action or behavior to add meaning to the affirmation. Not only will this help them think of themselves in a positive way, it will also grow their vocabulary in regards to describing themselves.

For example:

"Xavier, tu eres muy flexibles cuando paras de hacer algo que te agrada y me ayudas"

"Xavier, you are very flexible when you stop doing something you enjoy to help me."

Try it out. Let us know how it goes and how your Nene Bilingüe reacted to your affirmations.

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